Pricing Structure

SonicDICOM PACS price is based on the number of Web Connections and DICOM Connections.

License price = 
(The number of Web Connections x Unit price) + (The number of DICOM Connections x Unit price)

Web Connection (Minimum order is 1)

Web Connection means the maximum number that can use our Web-based Viewer at the same time.
Please specify the necessary quantity according to the number of accessing devices on the peak time.
The pricing structure based on the number of concurrent connections can provide optimal cost according to frequency of usage.
Also, it can reduce cost more than other pricing structure that needs licenses for each terminal.

DICOM Connection (Minimum order is 1)

DICOM Connection means the number of medical diagnostic equipments (CR, CT, etc.) and software (third party's DICOM Viewer, etc.) that connect with our product by using DICOM communication.
This is not the number of concurrent connections, but the number that can be registered.
Please specify the total quantity of medical diagnostic equipments, third party's DICOM Viewer, and others to be connected.

Example 1: For a Clinic

  • Usage Environment
    • 5 Client PCs: always use 3 PCs + occasionally use 2 PCs
    • 2 Medical diagnostic equipments: CR and US
    • No Third party's DICOM Viewer
  • License details
    • 4 Web Connections: 3 for always used PCs + 1 for occasional used PC
    • 2 DICOM Connections

Example 2: For a small hospital

  • Usage Environment
    • 30 Client PCs: always use 10 PCs + occasionally use 20 PCs
    • 20 Tablets are occasionally used
    • 5 Medical diagnostic equipments: CR, CT, MRI, US, and ES
    • 2 Third party's DICOM Viewers
  • License details
    • 30 Web Connections: 10 for always used PCs + 20 for occasional used PCs/Tablets
    • 7 DICOM Connections: 5 for medical diagnostic equipments + 2 for third party's DICOM Viewers

Annual support

License price includes first year support fee. In the second year and later year, by paying annual support fee, you can continue receiving the following supports.

- Free upgrade to new major version
- Reactivation of License
- Preferential support by Email

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