Distributor Program

JIUN is looking for Distributors of SonicDICOM PACS all over the world. The following is a summary of the Distributor Agreement.
  • Distributor is appointed as a Distributor of the SonicDICOM PACS (the "Product") and shall sell the Product and provide support.
  • JIUN provides the Product with a special discounted price to Distributor.
  • Distributor can sell the Product to Customers in foreign currency and payment methods.
  • Distributor shall provide necessary support to Customers (JIUN provides support to Distributor by Email without any additional charge, but JIUN shall not provide any support to Distributor's Customers directly).
  • When Customers directly contact JIUN for purchase of the Product, JIUN will introduce Customers to Distributor at JIUN's discretion.
  • Distributor may use the Product for demonstration purposes (Demonstration Edition) with prior written approval from JIUN.
  • JIUN provides Distributor newsletter for updates, upcoming feature, and other important information.
  • Payment shall be made by PayPal or bank transfer.
  • The payment currency is US Dollar.
  • The free Trial Edition of the Product can be used by anyone.
  • Trial Edition has limitation on the number of savable Studies, Web Connections, and DICOM Connections but it has no limitation on features that can be used.
  • Distributor may use the Demonstration Edition.
  • Limitations of Demonstration Edition shall be designated by Distributor's request within reasonable range.
  • In order to use Demonstration Edition, Distributor must provide the information JIUN requests, such as institution information where demonstration is provided, etc. in the Request Form of Demonstration Edition.
  • Distributor understands that the Product should not be used for diagnosis purposes in the country and the region where pharmaceutical approvals (such as FDA, CE, HIPAA, etc.) are required in order to use the Product for diagnosis.


If you would like to be Distributor of SonicDICOM PACS, please download the Application Form and send it to with all required information filled out.
If you have any questions or requests before filling in the Application Form, please feel free to ask us about them.

We look forward to your contact and sincerely hope that we can build a great relationship.

SonicDICOM Team
JIUN Corporation


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